PSA birth certificate price 2024- Philippines

The standard price for obtaining a copy of a PSA birth certificate is PHP 330 per copy. however, there is also a Fee of PHP 35.00 applicable, which serves as a supplementary Documentary Stamp Tax. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) gives you access to online services including requesting civil registry documents such as birth, marriage, … Read more

Bei mpya ya sukari 2024 | Sugar price in Tanzania

The Sugar Board in Tanzania has issued a Directive on the Recommended Retail Price of sugar in the country, where the wholesale price ranges from Tsh. 2,600 to Tsh. 2,900, while the retail price ranges from Tsh. 2,700 to Tsh. 3,200. This directive applies to all regions in the country. This move comes after the … Read more

Ada ya Chuo cha afya Tandabui | Fee structure

If you are looking for the Tandabui institute of Health science and technology Fee structure Also known as (ada ya), for each course is presented below. Diploma and certificate programmes Course Fee structure/per year Clinical medicine Tsh 1,850,000 Phamarceutical Science Tsh 1,750,000 Health record Tsh 1,100,000 Medical Laboratory Science Tsh 1,800,000 Nursing Tsh 1,800,000 Other … Read more

Ada za veta 2024 | Fee structure

Are you looking for the latest vocational education and training authority (VETA) Fee structure (Ada za veta) we have got you covered in this article. VETA Fee structure for each course | Ada Short courses check here Long courses check here The current annual fees for long courses for the VETA centers are Tsh 60,000/= … Read more

parent dpisonline Login check Results

the parent dpisonline is an online portal for checking the PEP Results, Through this website parents can register and the information is stored in the database where when the results are out they can log in and access it easily without the need to visit the school. The Primary Exit Profile represents a new approach … Read more

Gharama za bima ya afya kwa Mtoto 2024

In this article, we will delve into NHIF packages tailored for children in Tanzania. Initially known as the “Toto Afya card,” these packages were priced at Tsh 50,400 at the outset. However, it’s important to note that this specific package has been discontinued for various reasons. The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a Social … Read more

Gharama za bima ya afya kwa mtu binafsi 2024

Check the table below for the latest individual Health insurance package Age Group Najali Afya Wekeza Afya Timiza Afya 18-35 Tsh 192,000 Tsh 384,000 Tsh 516,000 36-50 Tsh 240,000 Tsh 440,000 Tsh 612,000 60+ Tsh 360,000 Tsh 660,000 Tsh 984,000 The table showing Gharama za bima ya afya kwa mtu binafsi (Mmoja) Healthcare is a … Read more

UPDF salary structure 2024 | Salary scale

UPDF salary structure 2024 | Salary scale The need to know how much Uganda peoples defence force soldiers and other staff members get paid per month, has been rising since the announcement of UPDF recruitment 2023 salaries by the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni. as this is because people want to know so that they … Read more

Udsm Almanac 2023/2024 | New Academic calendar

The udsm Almanac also known as the Academic Calendar is a reference book or publication that provides a wide range of information, including facts, statistics, calendars, Timetables, and other data related to The University of Daresalaam. You can download the Udsm Almanac in two ways. The first, and the easiest method, is to use the … Read more

Zesco units price list 2024 and Tariffs Zambia

The following are Zambia, ZESCO Unites prices List, and the updated residential tariffs that came into effect on May 1, 2023. Please note that these rates do not include taxes. Units current Kwacha 100 40 150 88 200 135 250 183 300 230 350 307 400 384 450 461 500 538 550 651 600 877 … Read more