BDF salary structure 2024

BDF salary structure 2024: The need to know how much Botswana Defence Force soldiers and other staff members Like the officer cadet are getting paid, has been rising since the announcement of BDF recruitment Last year as announced by the Botswana government.

And this is because the Botswana people want to know so that they can take a chance to apply for the recruitment if they have all the qualifications as highlighted on the BDF intake 2023 and if the pay satisfies their needs.

Although a salary is very crucial for any job joining the BDF should be the result of the need to improve the country’s defence and security as well as being patriotic by calling to serve the Motherland with great sacrifice bravery and determination.

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so here are the Latest BDF salary structure for 2023

BDF salary structure 2024

The Botswana government has announced that the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) pay structure will be aligned with that of the public service, meaning soldiers’ salaries will be similar to those of other government employees. As part of this change, the entry-level salary for soldiers at the rank of private will be set at B1 instead of B3, effective from April 1. This new pay structure is a transition from the previous structure, where only 15 professions in the BDF were aligned with the public service pay structure.

Under the new BDF pay structure, a private with a certificate can now earn up to P10,250, while a private with a diploma can earn as high as P19,376. This is in stark contrast to the salary range of a police constable, who can earn between P5,331.50 to P6,895, even with a diploma or degree.

Furthermore, the government is working on establishing a separate pension scheme for the BDF and a veterans affairs office to take care of the needs of retired officers. President Masisi also visited the BDF dairy farm in Pitsane and commended soldiers who recently returned from an anti-poaching operation for defending the country’s territorial integrity.

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nevertheless, it’s important to note that these figures may have changed since they were reported and may also depend on various factors such as years of experience, additional training or specializations, and other allowances and benefits.

Overall, this is great news for soldiers in the Botswana Defense Force. They are going to be making a lot more money than they were before, which will make it easier for them to support themselves and their families.


What is the bdf officer cadet salary?

An officer cadet can earn up to P19,376 a month you can check the whole BDF salary structure in this article

How much are soldiers paid in Botswana?

The amount of money that soldiers are paid in Botswana varies depending on their rank and experience, the Botswana government announced that the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) pay structure would be aligned with that of the public service, meaning that soldiers’ salaries would be similar to those of other government employees.

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