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Canal+ is a French premium cable television channel and streaming service. It is one of the major players in the European pay television market. Canal+ was launched in 1984 and quickly became known for its diverse programming, including movies, sports, documentaries, and original content.

While Canal+ may not be the most popular streaming service in Tanzania, this article provides comprehensive information about its packages, contacts, and decoder prices

Canal Plus Tanzania packages

Package NamePrice (Tsh)/Month
Access (245 channels)Tsh 11,500
Escape (286 channels)Tsh 23,100
Access Plus (183 channels)Tsh 37,800
Escape Plus (310 channels)Tsh 50,500
All canal plus (328 channels)Tsh 100,900

Decoder price

The canal plus decoder is available at a price starting from Tsh 100,5000

Canal Plus is not operating in Tanzania as The Tanzania Communications Authority (TCRA) has banned companies and individuals doing business in providing satellite television services without a valid license as well as the importation of communication equipment, including Canal Plus decoders and other similar equipment that are not approved by TCRA.

The statement issued by TCRA informs the public and all businessmen who trade in television services via satellite without a license and who import Canal + decoders to immediately stop doing so and instead follow the procedure for obtaining a license.

Since Canal Plus isn’t registered in Tanzania, there are no official company contact details available. However, vendors selling Canal Plus decoders and dishes can be found on various social media platforms. Purchasing this product is at your own risk

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