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understanding the excellent College of Health and Allied Sciences fee structure helps students and their families plan their finances effectively. This includes tuition, fees, textbooks, housing, and other expenses.

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excellent college fee structure For all the Health courses is Tsh 1,600,000 To be paid annually.

Ada chuo cha excellent college

CourseFees (Tsh) per Year
Technician Certificate in Clinical Medicine1,600,000
Technician Certificate in Pharmaceutical Sciences1,600,000
Ordinary Diploma in Clinical Medicine1,600,000
Ordinary Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences1,600,000
Ordinary Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences1,600,000
Ordinary Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery 1,600,000

Do you have any questions call the following numbers  0754 068 832 or 0764 760 075

About Excellent College Tanzania

Excellent College of Health and Allied Sciences, established in 2013, is a forward-thinking institution located in Tanzania. The college was founded with the goal of providing comprehensive training opportunities for both local and international students in the fields of health and allied sciences.

Over the years, the college has shown a commitment to adapting to the changing needs of the marketplace, especially by embracing technology to improve access, enhance the quality of education, and lower the costs associated with training and skills development.

The institution’s dedication to innovation and its willingness to be a leader in various areas have become defining characteristics of Excellent College. These qualities have allowed the college to be an early adopter of new approaches and technologies, positioning it at the forefront of educational institutions in Tanzania.

For more information visit the official college website https://excellent-college.ac.tz

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