Gharama za bima ya afya kwa mtu binafsi 2024

Check the table below for the latest individual Health insurance package

Age GroupNajali AfyaWekeza AfyaTimiza Afya
18-35Tsh 192,000Tsh 384,000Tsh 516,000
36-50Tsh 240,000Tsh 440,000Tsh 612,000
60+Tsh 360,000Tsh 660,000Tsh 984,000
The table showing Gharama za bima ya afya kwa mtu binafsi (Mmoja)

Healthcare is a fundamental aspect of a person’s well-being, and having access to quality healthcare services is of paramount importance.

In many countries, including those that offer public healthcare systems, individuals often rely on private health insurance to supplement their medical needs. These insurance plans come in various forms and cater to different age groups.

Gharama za bima ya afya kwa Mtoto

Bima ya afya Kwa mtu Mmoja

Age Group: 18-35

In the 18-35 age group, the data indicates the cost of health insurance plans as follows:

  • Najali Afya: 192,000 Tsh
  • Wekeza Afya: 384,000 Tsh
  • Timiza Afya: 516,000 Tsh

Young adults in this age group may be in the early stages of their careers or education. The varying costs among the insurance plans suggest different levels of coverage and benefits. It is apparent that Timiza Afya, with the highest cost, likely offers more comprehensive healthcare coverage, reflecting the preferences of younger adults for robust insurance protection.

Age Group: 36-50

For the 36-50 age group, the costs for health insurance plans are as follows:

  • Najali Afya: 240,000 Tsh
  • Wekeza Afya: 440,000 Tsh
  • Timiza Afya: 612,000 Tsh

Individuals in this age range may be in the prime of their careers and family lives, which can lead to an increased need for healthcare services. As a result, insurance costs are generally higher compared to the 18-35 age group. Again, Timiza Afya stands out as the more comprehensive and costly option.

Age Group: 60+

In the 60 and above age group, the cost of health insurance plans increases significantly:

  • Najali Afya: 360,000 Tsh
  • Wekeza Afya: 660,000 Tsh
  • Timiza Afya: 984,000 Tsh

This age group typically requires more healthcare services due to aging-related health concerns. Therefore, it is unsurprising to see higher insurance costs for all three plans, reflecting the greater need for healthcare coverage in later life.


Understanding these Individual age-based trends in health insurance costs can help insurance providers better serve their clients and ensure access to appropriate healthcare coverage at various life stages.

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