How To Check Your NIDA Number using Airtel Tanzania

Jinsi ya kuangalia Namba ya NIDA Airtel: The NIDA number also known as a national ID number (NIN) is a unique numerical code assigned to individuals by a government.

There are several ways you can use to check your NIDA Number one of them is the SMS method where you enter the specific USSD code follow the instructions and the unique numerical code will be sent to your message and this is the NIDA number.

If you have completed your application at the NIDA offices recently and would like to know your National ID number using Airtel then you have come to the right place,

To check using Airtel just follow the steps below.

How To Check Your NIDA Number using Airtel

To check your NIDA number using Airtel Tanzania just dial *152*00# and choose option #3 Ajira, Utambuzi then select option #2 NIDA. Enter all of your registered names, then Enter the phone number you registered with when filling out the NIDA online registration form.

an SMS containing Your NIDA number will be sent to your phone just after a few minutes of requesting.

This service is available to Airtel and Vodacom users as well, and all the procedures are the same.

please keep in mind that it typically takes about two weeks from the submission of your registration form at the NIDA regional office for the National ID number to be ready.

Other mobile operators

Jinsi ya Kupata Namba ya NIDA kwa haraka

If you want to obtain your National ID number quickly in Tanzania, it is advisable to visit the National Identification Authority (NIDA) office.

There are a few reasons why visiting the NIDA office can expedite the process:

  1. Direct Interaction: By visiting the NIDA office in person, you have the opportunity to directly interact with the officials responsible for processing and issuing the National ID numbers. You can inquire about the status of your application, provide any necessary additional information, and receive immediate feedback on your application.
  2. Documentation Verification: Visiting the NIDA office allows you to present and verify your original supporting documents, such as birth certificates, proof of address, or other required identification documents. This helps to ensure that all necessary documents are in order and speeds up the verification process.
  3. Clarification of Requirements: Sometimes, applicants may have questions or require clarification regarding the required documents or application process. By visiting the NIDA office, you can seek assistance from the officials who can guide you through the requirements and provide any necessary explanations, thus reducing the chance of errors or delays in the application process.
  4. Priority Handling: NIDA offices often prioritize individuals who visit in person, as it demonstrates a higher level of commitment and urgency. By visiting the office, you may receive preferential treatment in terms of processing times and faster issuance of your National ID number.

While visiting the NIDA office can help expedite the process, it’s important to note that the actual processing time may still depend on factors such as the number of pending applications, workload, and administrative procedures.

For more information including Contacting NIDA visit their official website

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