How To Check Your NIDA Number using Halotel Tanzania

Jinsi ya kuangalia Namba ya NIDA Halotel: The NIDA number also known as a national ID number (NIN) is a unique numerical code assigned to individuals by a government.

If you have completed your application at the NIDA offices recently and would like to know your National ID number using then you have come to the right place,

How To Check Your NIDA Number using Halotel

If you are unsure if you can check your NIDA Number using Halotel Then the short answer is No. This service is only available to Airtel and Vodacom users.

The only method here to get your NIDA number using Halotel is to use the Nida online copy or to visit the NIDA office

please keep in mind that it typically takes about two weeks from the submission of your registration form at the NIDA regional office for the National ID number to be ready.

While visiting the NIDA office can help expedite the process and get your NIDA number quickly, it’s important to note that the actual processing time may still depend on factors such as the number of pending applications, workload, and administrative procedures.

For more information including Contacting NIDA visit their official website

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