How to check ZESCO units on the phone Zambia

It’s essential to regularly check your ZESCO electricity units to stay informed about your remaining balance. This helps ensure you maintain a continuous electricity connection by allowing you to top up your balance as needed, preventing any unexpected interruptions.

You can use various methods to check your ZESCO units using your phone. Follow this article step by step to obtain all the information you need.

How to check ZESCO units on the phone

To check ZESCO units Dial: *3600# on your phone and select check units, alternatively, you can download the ZESCO app on your Android phone and iOS.

with the USSD Code provided you can use it to access the number of ZESCO services including

  • Report Faults
  • Track faults
  • prepaid tokens
  • check units
  • postpaid bills
  • Track applications

Also, the ZESCO APP This mobile app is available on the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iPhone users.

Here are some of the key features the app offers:

  1. Fault Reporting: Report faults directly from your phone without the need to call Zesco Limited customer service.
  2. Fault Tracking: Keep track of the progress of your reported faults.
  3. View Prepaid Tokens: Access information on your previously purchased tokens or units, with the ability to view up to 10 previous tokens or recently acquired units.
  4. View Kilowatt Hours: Understand the kilowatt hours associated with the units you have purchased.
  5. View New Connection Requirements: Obtain information on new connections, check the status of your new connection application, and see if a quotation is ready for connection.
  6. Location Tracker: Easily find the nearest Customer Service Centre in your vicinity.

Additionally, the app provides access to contact numbers and is designed to be dynamic, with continuous improvement based on client feedback.

This mobile application is aimed at enhancing our service delivery, enabling customers to access information swiftly and receive real-time responses to their service-related queries.

We appreciate the valuable input from customers like you, which has contributed to the development of this application. We look forward to serving you better through this innovative platform.

About zesco

ZESCO (Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation) is the national electricity company of Zambia. It is responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity throughout the country. ZESCO plays a crucial role in providing power to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Zambia.

The company also manages the electricity infrastructure and grid system, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply for the nation. ZESCO’s services and operations are vital for supporting economic development and improving the quality of life in Zambia.

For more information about the ZESCO visit the official website or connect with the company via WhatsApp: +260 762 626 977

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