How to download NEMISA certificate

NEMISA provides national digital skills training for the proper use of technology, to improve the quality of life of all people in South Africa.

so far many people have been struggling to download the NEMISA certificates since this clearly shows that an individual has met certain standards and possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to perform specific tasks or jobs effectively. It provides third-party validation of a person’s qualifications.

How to download NEMISA certificate PDF

Downloading an NEMISA certificate is a straightforward process, but first, you must ensure you have completed the course.

The website is designed to guide you through the steps to unlock the certificate. So, if you need a certificate, it’s essential to follow all the provided guides.

Follow the steps below:-

If you don’t have an account make sure you are registered on the platform.

After you have completed the course, go to your account and look for the “Download Certificate” option.

When you click the link, the certificate will be downloaded to your device, and you can save it in the format of your choice, including PDF.

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