Kaizirege school Fees | Ada ya shule

Kaizirege Secondary and High School is the same as Kemebos School, which is found in the Kagera region of Tanzania read this article to get the latest Fee structure.

GradeEstimated school Fees per year (Ada)
secondaryTsh 3,500,000
Advanced LevelTsh 3,700,000
These are only estimated school fees in Tanzania shillings, as fees can change from time to time for accurate figures contact Kaizirege School Administration using the following details.
+255 693 962 364 or +255 677 848 343

Kaizirege school fees depend on whether a student is a boarder or a day scholar. To obtain the correct fee amount, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the school’s administration.

A student in boarding school resides and stays overnight at a school or institution, typically in a dormitory or boarding house, as opposed to a day scholar who commutes to and from school each day.

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