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Lake Secondary School is a private school located in the Mwanza region, Tanzania In this article, we will explore its school fees and provide contact details.

Ada ya Lake Secondary

GradeEstimated school Fees per year (Ada)
O-level (secondary)Tsh 1,600,000
A-level (High school)Tsh 2,300,000

These are only estimated school fees in Tanzania shillings, as fees can change from time to time

For a student who is in boarding school, he or she resides and stays overnight at a school or institution, typically in a dormitory or boarding house, as opposed to a day scholar who commutes to and from school each day.

contacts: +255 752 694 064

Boarding schools provide accommodation, meals, and educational facilities for students, making it their full-time residence during the academic term.

For more information visit the school campus

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