Mshahara Wa Diploma na Degree ya pharmacy 2024/2025

A person who has completed a Diploma in Pharmacy in Tanzania typically receives a monthly salary (Mshahara) ranging from Tsh 300,000 to Tsh 500,000. but for a person with a bachelor of Pharmacy the salary Ranges from Tsh 700,000 to Tsh 900,000.

Keep in mind that this will depend on various factors, such as whether one is employed in a private or government institution. However, in most cases, the salary tends to fall within that specified range

Comparing salaries for a Diploma and a Bachelor in Pharmacy in Tanzania

Diploma in PharmacyTsh 300,000 to Tsh 500,000
Bachelor in PharmacyTsh 700,000 to Tsh 900,000

Comparing salaries for a Diploma and a Degree in Pharmacy is challenging due to the varied factors influencing compensation. The amount is not fixed and is not easy to predict or determine because it depends on several factors.

These factors include the specific role, the level of experience, the employer (private or government institution), and regional economic variations. Additionally, market demand, industry trends, and individual negotiation skills play a crucial role in determining the salary within the specified range

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