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Are you Looking for the new Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST) Undergraduate and Postgraduate Prospectus we have covered in this article click the Link to download and save it on your device.

Undergraduate 2024 (Not yet released)
Undergraduate 2023
postgraduate 2024 (Not yet released)
postgraduate 2023
The table showing download links for the MUST prospectus

College prospectuses are designed to give prospective students a comprehensive understanding of what the institution offers and help them make informed decisions about whether the college aligns with their educational and personal goals.

They can be physical brochures or digital documents available on the college’s website.

How to download MUST Prospectus | Mbeya University

You can download the MUST prospectus in two ways. The first, and the easiest method, is to use the links provided in this article. Simply select the year you’re looking for and proceed with the download.

Another way is through the Mbeya University website just follow these steps

  • visit the college website
  • scroll down To download center
  • choose the Prospectus your looking for and download it.

As a first-year student and continuos make sure you download the New prospectus as It serves as an informative guide to the institution and typically includes a wide range of information about the college, its programs, facilities, policies, and other relevant details.

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