PNGDF Recruitment 2023 Application form, Dates & Requirements

PNG Defence Force will soon announce the PNGDF recruitment 2023, Although the Names list of newly recruited forces is also been awaited also People are eagerly awaiting news about the next recruitment.

Although the PNGDF Recruiting Office does NOT have an official EMAIL ADDRESS and there are no application forms. this article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to apply online for the PNGDF recruitment 2023.

PNGDF Recruitment 2023 Requirements

  • Expression/Letter of Interest;
  • Copies of Certificates (Grades 10 &12 ) and other Tertiary Certificates;
  • Police clearance;
  • Updated CV
  • Reference

To qualify, you must meet the minimum basic requirements listed, as well as the specific requirements for your chosen trade. To increase your chances of being a competitive applicant, we encourage you to surpass these requirements whenever feasible.

To complete the application, you will need the following information

  1. Next Kin’s name and contact details.
  2. School qualifications, including subjects, grades obtained, and year achieved.
  3. Any tertiary or trade qualifications you have earned, including grades obtained and years achieved.
  4. Relevant employment details, if applicable, including dates, employer information, locations, and job responsibilities.
  5. Driver’s license details, including number, classes, and any endorsements.
  6. Dates and outcomes of any criminal convictions.
  7. Current accurate height and weight.
  8. Doctor’s name and contact details, including telephone number and address.
  9. Dates, details, and outcomes of any past or current medical conditions, such as surgeries, broken bones, asthma history, and medications.
  10. Vaccination/immunization history, which can be obtained from your doctor.
  11. A list of your preferred trades and services.
  12. If you have served previously, you will need to provide some details about your previous service, such as your service number.

To apply for PNG Defence Force Recruitment in 2023, you will need internet access, an email address for job searching, an up-to-date resume, a cover letter (if required), your employment history, and your availability to work, especially for part-time positions.

when is the next PNGDF Recruitment 2023

The announcement for the PNGDF recruitment in 2023 does not have a specific date. To stay updated, please check this page regularly and refer to the PNGDF official Facebook page for real-time information.

To apply for PNG Defence Force Recruitment 2023 once the announcement has been made, Interested Applicants may apply by providing the required docs as stated in the requirements sections the documents should be sent to the address below.







For more information, you can contact the PNG defence force by taking a visit to their headquarters or visiting their official website

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