PNGDF recruitment list 2023

it has been a while since The Papua new guinea defence force (PNGDF) announced its recruitment for various job positions including officer cadets and now people are waiting for the names to come out.

PNDF usually recruits PNG youth as Younger individuals generally possess better physical capabilities, such as strength, endurance, and agility, which are essential for military training and operations. so are you one of the individuals who have been looking for the PNGDF recruitment list 2023 read this article to know how to check for your name once released.

PNGDF recruitment list 2023 Release date

th PNGDF recruitment list 2023 has been released on 18th october. to be clear try to check this page For download links and the PNGDF official Facebook page for real-time information regarding the the names.

only eligible candidates are listed with a date, attendance time, and application number, applicants are to strictly attend at the date and time to know their application number.

if your name is not listed your application was unsuccessful and you should not attend. all non-eligible applicants will be turned away.

PNDF usually doesn’t release The names on their official website or provide application forms if it happens so you will also be notified.

if it happens that the names have been released here is the process

How to check for your name

  • on your web browser go to the PNGDF Facebook page
  • on the post section
  • check for PNGDF recruitment list 2023 or qualified candidates for interview
  • Download The images or PDFs and save them on your device

After all the individuals have been recruited extensive training will be provided this Training programs aim to equip recruits with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties effectively.

This includes combat skills, weapon handling, tactical maneuvers, first aid, communication protocols, and other essential military competencies.

Furthermore, extensive training ensures that newly recruited army personnel are prepared both mentally and physically to face the challenges and responsibilities of military service.

It helps create a professional and capable military force capable of carrying out their duties with precision and effectiveness.

If you need information on recruitment/recruiting, enquire at the Murray Barracks Recruitment Office. or visit the official website

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