Udom Almanac 2023/2024 | New Academic calendar

The udom Almanac also known as the Academic Calendar is a reference book or publication that provides a wide range of information, including facts, statistics, calendars, Timetables, and other data related to The University of Dododma.

You can download the Udom Almanac in two ways. The first, and the easiest method, is to use the links provided in this article. Simply select the year you’re looking for and proceed with the download.

Udom Almanac 2023/2024 Academic calendar Download PDF

The holidays and vacations observed by the university are noted below, download the document using the Links provided

Udom Almanac 2023/2024Download PDF
Udom Almanac 2022/2023Download PDF

The University of Dodoma’s academic calendar is divided into Semester I and Semester II of approximately 15 weeks each.

There are two weeks set aside for final examinations. The academic calendar for the School of Medicine and Dentistry, School of Nursing and Public Health of the University of Dodoma varies from this general schedule.

An academic calendar provides a structured framework for planning and organizing the college’s activities. It outlines the start and end dates of each academic term, important deadlines (e.g., registration, withdrawal, and grading), and breaks between terms.

This helps ensure that classes, exams, and other events are scheduled in an organized and efficient manner.

For more information visit the official Udom website at www.udom.ac.tz

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