Updf gazette uniform 2023/2024 (Dress code)

The Updf gazette publishes public notices, legal announcements, and official government information. The dress code for the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) has been gazetted. Read this article to download the PDF document that can help you understand all the important aspects including how you are supposed to dress.

The available Uganda gazette is from 2019, so the current one isn’t yet published, which states the public is hereby informed that the marks, insignia, decorations, and uniforms specified In the schedule to this notice are property of the states or classified stores. and anyone found in unlawful possession, selling, or dealing in them shall be prosecuted under the Ugandan people’s defence forces act 2005.

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UPDF Dress code uniform

The UPDF uniform is categorized as follows:-

1. Tunic uniform

The Tunic uniform is the ceremonial dress uniform for the defence forces categorized as scarlet red tunic for land forces and special forces command and a solid blue tunic for the Air force.

scarlet red tunic updf uniform

2. Ceremonial uniform

The ceremonial uniform is a service dress for the defence forces and is worn in alternative to a tunic during ceremonies and other functions as prescribed by the chief of Defence forces.

3. Kaunda Suit

Kaunda suit uniform is an office working dress for the defence forces. the details for the Kaunda suit are as follows. the jacket is olive green for land forces, Sky blue for air forces, and coffee brown for special forces command. and the trouser of the same material as the jacket.

4. Tuck in uniform

Turk in uniform is an office working dress for the defence forces. its headgear is a beret with a UPDF logo as shown on the picture. the color of the shirt of the land forces is khaki and olive green for officers and militants respectively.

The color of the shirt is sky blue for officers and militants, the jacket is blue for air forces. the trouser and skirt is of the same color and design as Kaunda suits uniform.

There is also a DPM 95 Tuck in uniform working dress for special command forces.

5. Fatigue Dress plain army green

Fatigue dress plain army green is a working dress in plain print, and the color of the jacket is plain army green. the updf also provides the uniform for reservists for national assignments.

Other uniforms or dress codes for the UPDF include Desert and woodland camouflage and the Multicam combat uniform.

when to wear?

Members of the UPDF shall wear or use the marks, accessories, insignia, decorations or uniforms in the schedule to this notice in accordance with the Uganda People’s defence forces. standing orders issued by chief of defence forces.

All this important information can be found by Downloading the PDF file of updf gazette uniform which is available on the UPDF website.

Official websiteCLICK HERE

In conclusion, The dress code for the UPDF has been gazetted. the action was endorsed by the top organs of the army which also commended the dress committee for concluding the task assigned to it years back. this development is a milestone in the long history of the UPDF

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