ZRA TPIN search using NRC number

ZRA TPIN search using NRC number: Are you looking for your Taxpayer identification number then don’t worry we have got you covered. the Zambia revenue authority now allows all Taxpayer to request their TPIN using their National Registration Card (NRC) on the ZRA website. This has eased the process as it saves time for Zambian citizens who would otherwise have to spend time waiting in long queues at government offices.

The NRC is provided by the Zambian government and it serves as proof of citizenship, as well as a means of identifying individuals for voting, accessing government services, and other purposes. if you don’t have the NRC number then you can not get your TPIN since the NRC lies in its ability to verify an individual’s citizenship and provide them with access to important government services and benefits.

TPIN search using NRC number

To obtain your TPIN using the NRC follow the steps below

  1. Visit the ZRA website and check on the “useful links” tab.
  2. Click on the “TPIN Search” or Taxpayer Search link.
  3. Enter your Taxpayer Name and national registration card (NRC) number.
  4. Click on the “Search” button.
  5. The new page will open with All the information about the Taxpayer.

sign in to the portal: portal.zra.org.zm/login

If you are still having trouble searching your TPIN number using NRC, you can contact the ZRA customer service center for assistance. The ZRA customer service center can provide you with further instructions on how to reset your password or retrieve your TPIN number.

Here are ZRA’s contact details: Phone +260 211 380 000Email: advice@zra.org.zm Office Revenue House, Kabwe Roundabout, Lusaka, Zambia

TPIN search using NRC number Complete details

organization nameZambia Revenue Authority
Details includedTPIN, Taxpayer name, NRC & BRN
offered All Registered Zambian citizens
Available online
Official websitezra.org.zm

How to get NRC number in Zambia

To get an NRC number in Zambia, citizens must go to one of the 105 District Offices within 14 days of turning 16 to register for the National Registration Card. The registration process currently involves an analog process, which means it is done using paper-based forms.

The applicant will need to provide personal information, such as their name, date of birth, place of birth, and other relevant details. Once the application is processed, the applicant will be issued an NRC, which will have a unique National Identity Number (NIN) associated with it. The NIN is used for future applications for identity and other credentials.

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While Zambia has recognized the importance of identity in achieving its long-term development strategy and has proposed a strategy of strengthening its electoral processes and systems, the registration process for the National Registration Card (NRC) in Zambia is currently an analog process, which means it is done using paper-based forms. Despite ongoing efforts to digitize identity records, registration for the NRC remains an analog process, and all validating documents are filed in paper form.

If you need to get in touch with the authorities in Zambia to inquire about the National Registration Card (NRC) or the registration process, there are various ways to do so. You can contact the Department of National Registration, Passport, and Citizenship or visit one of the 105 District Offices to inquire about the registration process. Additionally, You can also visit the nearest embassy or consulate of Zambia in your country for assistance.

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